What I Offer

Speaking is my life and a gift that I need to give back.

My dream has always been to build, grow and inspire those around me.  Whether it be coaching kids hockey and baseball or building software or giving motivational talks, seeing the smiles of joy on those I touch are reward enough for me.

I was inspired to this calling when I used to work as a contractor for the Canadian forces.  I used to build training programs to teach our future pilots to fly safely and working side by side with our men and women in uniform inspired me to a calling to benefit those beyond the military, to the world around me.

So who am I?

  • I am a motivational speaker – I deliver training programs to teach presentation skills, to build leadership skills and to cure loneliness.
  • I am an entrepreneur – I have published over 16 apps on the Apple, Google and BlackBerry app stores from childrens apps, to games to utility apps for various organizations and high profile politicians.
  • I am College professor – I teach software app development to our future generation.  My philosophy is to teach in baby steps with expectations of the real world.

What do I offer?

  • I offer motivational presentations to teach and inspire.
  • I offer consulting services to help you build amazing apps.
  • I offer a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to help you achieve your future ambitions.

What is your ROI?

  • Your people will be reenergized, reinvigorated and motivated to do more and want more.
  • Your company will see an increase to your bottom line.
  • Your company will raise morale and become movers and shakers that others wish to follow.

So reach out to me, lets talk and see where your future ambitions lie and how I can get you there.